The Unravelling Wilburys + support – Sat 19th May 2018


The Unravelling Wilburys, a band of good ‘ol boys, turn their skills to replicating the sound and songs of the late 80s ‘super-group’ The Traveling Wilburys where five of the greatest names in rock music history came together………… George Harrison, Roy ‘The Big O’ Orbison, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Jeff Lynne of ELO!

Click the link to see there guys in action!

They are supported by ‘The Sittings Tenants’ who are a band performing original material with an electric brand of R&B, power pop & a quirky English style of psychedelia will leave you entranced; after a night watching them at a small venue you will be left singing along!

The Unravelling Wilburys + support Saturday 19th May 2018
The Unravelling Wilburys15.00 GBPDoors 19.30
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